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Annual General Meeting – 14th  January 2014

PRESENT:  Tony Birch (Chairman)

  Lynne Morley (Minutes)

  David Shillito, Doug Holmes, Richard Ellis, Gwynne Owen,    Rebecca Durston-Wright,

  Jean Sutton, June Row, Dick Row, Elizabeth Yorke, Sue Combes, Gwyneth Watkin.

APOLOGIES: Eluned and Dewi Ellis, Lyn Rowles. Derek Ward, Nita and Alan Duff

1.MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING:  The Minutes of the meeting held on 15th January, 2013 were agreed and signed as a true record.

2. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT:  In complete contrast to the previous year, the weather was excellent and despite being scaled down the Show was a success.  No-one seemed to miss the things we didn’t have, e.g. the cookery demonstrations.   The Jester filled in some of the blanks and extras such as the “Buggy man” and the Animal man were popular.   Tony thanked everyone, especially our new Treasurer, for doing such a great job.   Also, thanks to all the helpers and behind the scenes workers.  The Dog Show was a success once again.  Hopefully this year’s Show will be as successful.

3. SECRETARY’S REPORT: June said it was nice to see a few new faces and some younger people helping, also some new men who had seen our plea in the Newsletter for help.  It is just a pity we cannot get more people interested in joining the Committee.  At least people come up with ideas.  The weather on the day was beautiful and this made such a difference on attendances, despite the bridge in Llansantffraid being closed.    The Marquee people are happy to continue providing tents for their old customers which is good news.

4. TREASURER’S REPORT:   Sue first of all thanked Doug for auditing the books.

We started the year with £1,322.54 in the bank and now have £6.733.53, making it a very successful year.

Roughly, on the day, our income including the Grant was £10,263.22. The cost of putting on the Show was £7,066.39, giving a profit inclusive of the Grant of £3,196.83.


Chairman: Tony was reluctant to continue as Chairman, but in the absence of any other interested person he agreed to continue for a further year.   Nominated by Lynne, seconded by Gwynne.

Vice Chairman:  David Shillito was nominated by Tony, seconded by


Secretaries: Lynne said that because of being away for almost eight months of the year she would prefer to resign as Secretary but would continue to help wherever possible and to organise the Dog Show.  June and Elizabeth agreed to continue as Secretaries and Eluned would be asked if she wished to continue, in view of her domestic commitments.    Nominated by Tony, seconded by Richard.

Treasurer: Sue Combes agreed to continue her excellent work as Treasurer.   Nominated by Gwynne, seconded by Richard.

Field Manager: Lynne nominated Richard Ellis, seconded by Sue.

Fund Co-ordinator: Gwyneth Watkin was nominated by Richard,

seconded by Dave.