PRESENT: Tony Birch (Chair), June Row (Minutes), Sue Combes (Treasurer), Lynne Morley, Rebecca Durston-Wright, Elizabeth Yorke, Gwynne Owen, Meirion Davies-Jones, Gwyneth Watkin, Dick Row, Richard Ellis, Dave Shillito.

APOLOGIES: Lynne Rowles, Doug Holmes and Phil Williams.

MINUTES: The minutes of the meeting held on the 12th January, 2014 were read and signed.


 Thanks to everyone who helped to put the Show on particularly those who were tied to their posts all day without   a break or an opportunity to go round the Show.  It would be nice if the load could be spread but it wasn’t   possible unless we have more people on the committee.  It was a great shame about the weather this year but it   was still a successful Show, although it was a pity about the sideshows that didn’t turn up.  Let’s hope that next year we have good weather and all will be well.


 June agreed with all Tony’s comments and just wished to add that she felt that the constant small fundraisers had raised good amounts and helped to keep the finances afloat when incomes were down due to bad weather and there was a poor attendance.  She also commented that the secretaries do a lot of work to provide all the paperwork for the Show and really should not be lifting tables etc. during the weekend before the Show, as happened this year.


 Sue presented the accounts which had been audited by Doug Holmes who was thanked.  We had started the year   with £6,733 and now had £7,259 so considering we had a wet year all felt this was pretty good.  The Show made   a profit of £3.35 overall but without the grants would have made a loss of £2,846.  The small fundraisers had however raised £751 which we all felt was a good effort.



  Tony had agreed to stay for only one more year at last year’s AGM so was definitely finishing this year. He asked the Vice Chair if he was willing to take the job on.  Dave pointed out that although he would be around more this year he would still be away at some point.  June suggested that we have two Vice-Chairs as many other organisations do to ensure coverage.  Gwynne & Dick agreed to be our two new officers.  All in favour.


 The three Secretaries, June. Elizabeth & Rebecca agreed to continue.


 Sue agreed to remain as treasurer and Tony thanked her for doing such a good job.


 Richard agreed to stay as Field Manager

 Gwyneth agreed to stay as Business Co-ordinatot

 Dick agreed to stay as Funding Co-ordinator and confirmed that he had started work on a grant application

Dick thanked Tony for his hard work as Chair which as he pointed out is not always an easy job.  June asked if he will remain on the Committee to which he agreed.

The next AGM to be held on 11th Jan., 2016.

There being no other business David took the Chair for the general meeting to follow.