AGM – 11th Jan, 2016

PRESENT: Dave Shillito – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Sue Combes – Treasurer, Dick Row,

Elizabeth Yorke, Rebecca Durston-Wright, Derek Ward and Alison.

APOLOGIES: Gwynne Owen, Doug Holmes and Lynne Morley.

MINUTES: The minutes of the meeting held on the 13th January, 2015 were read and signed.


Dave welcomed everyone and was pleased to see a new face.

He thanked everyone who had worked so hard to make the Show happen, the committee and in particular the Secretaries, the Treasurer and June & Dick for doing the grant bid. He went on to thank all who had helped over the Show weekend. He also wished to thank Brian, last year’s President and Aled and Iwan for the President’s Evening which had been a great success.


June also spoke of the President’s Evening saying that the raising of over £600 took the pressure off the other fund-raising and also meant that we didn’t need to make a grant application this year which was becoming increasingly difficult. She went on to say that we had raised over a £1000 with the small fundraisers and this was also very important to ensure the sustainability of the Show. The help of younger people over the Show weekend with the heavier work involved had also been much appreciated.



Sue presented the accounts which had been audited by Doug Holmes who was thanked. We had started the year with £7,259.65 and now had £11546.36 so our finances are in a relatively comfortable position. There were still a few advertisers’ payments outstanding and Gwyneth Watkin had volunteered to chase these up. June had contacted Ozloos and booked the toilets for this year and asked for the invoice for last year which has been received. Sue to settle.


As so few people were in attendance at the meeting it was decided that everyone would stay in role for the coming year.

Chair – Dave Shillito

Vice-Chairs – Dick Row and Gwynne Owen

Treasurer – Sue Combes

Secretaries – June Row, Elizabeth Yorke and Rebecca Durston-Wright

Field Manager – Richard Ellis

Business Co-ordinator - Gwyneth Watkin

Funding Co-ordinator - Dick Row

Website – Derek Ward

The next AGM to be held on 11th Jan 2017