AGM – 11th Jan, 2017

PRESENT: Dick Row – Acting Chair, June Row – Minutes, Sue Combes – Treasurer, Rebecca Durston-Wright, Derek Ward and Gwyneth Watkin.


Gwynne Owen, Doug & Maggie Holmes, Lynne Morley, David Shillito, Elizabeth Yorke, Alison Alexander, Rev’d Emma and Peter Brooks.

MINUTES: The minutes of the meeting held on the 11th January, 2016 were read and signed.


Dick welcomed everyone and thanked everyone who had worked so hard to make the Show a success including the committee and all who had helped over the Show weekend.  He also wished to thank Alan, last year’s President and Aled and Iwan for the President’s Evening which had been a great success.  


 June spoke of the success of the Show which was of course helped to some extent by the fine weather which meant that all the attractions and stall holders turned up.  She went on to point out that the new initiatives ie. the new paying out method and the stewards food tent, had all worked very well and would be repeated this year.  Although the Show was at the moment fairly financially secure and there was enough help on Show weekend the only thing now threatening the security of the Show was the poor turnout at committee meetings ie. 6 tonight and 7 at the last meeting, which was not sufficient to even cover all the posts to fill.  This was something that needed addressing urgently and we needed to attract younger people to ensure the future of the Show.


Sue presented the accounts for 2016 which had been audited by Doug.  Dick asked for the committees thanks to be passed on to him.  There was a slight loss for this year’s Show which considering we hadn’t applied for a grant was a very good result.  This figure had been helped substantially by the wonderful effort that Alan and his team had put into the President’s evening which had raised over a £1,000.  The committee are very grateful for their support.  Comments were made about the large bill from the St.John’s Ambulance for first aid cover and other cover will be sort for this year.

Dick signed and accepted the accounts on behalf of the committee.  


As so few people were in attendance at the meeting and David Shillito had stood down due to ill health it left us with very little choice for committee officers. Dick reluctantly took on the role of Chairman for 1 year until more help could be found.  June, Rebecca and Elizabeth to stay on as Secretaries although June would really like to pass on the role of Minute Secretary which she had only taken on when Lynne Morley stood down due to ill health.

Sue agreed to continue as Treasurer, Derek as Website Manager and Dick as Funding Co-ordinator.  Gwyneth Watkin resigned as Business Co-ordinator and Richard Ellis was not in attendance but we all felt fairly sure that he would continue as Field Manager.  There was no-one available to appoint as Vice-Chairs.

                        Chair –  Dick Row

                        Vice-Chairs –  no-one available

                        Treasurer – Sue Combes

                        Secretaries – June Row, Elizabeth Yorke and  Rebecca Durston-Wright

                        Field Manager – Richard Ellis

                        Business Co-ordinator – no-one available

                        Funding Co-ordinator - Dick Row

                        Website Manager – Derek Ward

The next AGM to be held on 10th Jan., 2018.