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AGM – 10th Jan, 2018

PRESENT:Dick Row – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Rick Warburton – Treasurer, Derek Ward,.Lynne Morley, David Shillito, Linsey Arran, Angela Reilly, Elizabeth Yorke, Sam Marshall, Helen Renwick, Gwynne Owen & Ruth North.


Doug Holmes, Rebecca Durston-Wright, Jane Davies, Richard Ellis, Nita Duff, Jim Reilly & Gwyneth Watkin


The minutes of the meeting held on the 11th January, 2017 were read and signed.


Dick welcomed everyone and thanked all who had worked so hard to make the Show a success including the committee and all who had helped over the Show weekend. He especially thanked the people new to the village and those helping for the first time, there help was really valued.

He felt that the Show had been a success and we had received lots of positive feedback. Of course the weather was fine and that always helps. He pointed out that although the event went seamlessly on the day there had been lots of hiccups the week before the Show with attractions pulling out but that June and Nick the Jester had managed to put together a very well balanced Show in the nick of time.

The Show had been a financial success as well and this was largely due to the grant obtained from A4AW. He went on to say that this was not an easy job to do and becoming increasingly difficult but that fortunately we had not been selected to do an end of grant report which saved some work. We had purchased a small marquee with some of the money and this had been used as a hospitality tent.

Dick also felt that the questionnaire that we had available on Show day had been a valuable exercise and had brought new people on to the Committee.


June felt that Dick had covered most things in his report but just wanted to say that Show day had been particularly hard for her as she had been acting treasurer and the main secretary on the field. She was delighted that Rick had now stepped into the role. She went on to say that the President’s evening was now an established event and that you could notice the difference in the Show finances. It has gone a long way to making the Show secure. Rick commented that this year had been excellent and Dick repeated our gratitude to Sarah & Jason.


Rick as incoming Treasurer thanked Sue Combes and June Row for leaving the accounts well in the black. He pointed out that as the Show is so weather reliant we have to keep a good reserve. He also thanked Doug Holmes for auditing the accounts at such short notice. He went on to comment that without all the volunteers on the day the show would not go on so extended his thanks to them also. As he had volunteered very late in the financial year and being unfamiliar with the figures as presented he had lumped the income together under a few headings but anyone with questions or queries were welcome to view the spreadsheets.

The accounts show a healthy balance of just over £13,500 with all bills paid. There is still some remaining income from outstanding advertising invoices.


The election of officers began with nominations for Chair.

The nominations were: David Shillito – nominated by Lynne Morley

Sam Marshall – nominated by Elizabeth Yorke

Dick Row – nominated by June Row

A ballot was held and the successful candidate was Sam Marshall with Dick Row as Vice Chair.

Treasurer – Everyone was willing to accept Rick Warburton as our new Treasurer.

Dick asked about Secretaries.

June explained what the Secretaries roles involved.

June Row, Elizabeth Yorke and Rebecca Durston-Wright to remain in the role but several people agreed to come to the secretaries meetings to familiarise themselves with the role.

Richard Ellis was willing to continue as Field Manager.

Derek Ward was willing to continue as Website Manager

Dick to continue as Funding Co-ordinator and Rick to help.

A new mandate form was signed by the officers.

There being no more business the meeting closed.

The next AGM to be held on 24th Jan., 2018.