General Meeting –17th May, 2016

PRESENT:  Dick Row – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Sue Combes –Treasurer, Elizabeth Yorke, Derek Ward, Gwyneth Watkin, Rebecca Durston-Wright, Issidy Hafner.

APOLOGIES:     Gwynne Owen, Dave Shillito, Lynne Morley

WELCOME: Dick welcomed everyone and June gave an update on  Dave’s and Lynne’s health.  Everyone wished them well.

MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 15th March, 2016 were read and signed.

MATTERS ARISING: Margo was contacting school this week about her workshop now that the Estyn was completed.

JUDGES:  All the judges have confirmed.

SCHEDULE:       Beck reported that the typing of the schedule was going well and she was just in the process of checking the changes.    Gwyneth had made good progress with advertisers.  She requested June speak to two of the sponsors.

FUNDRAISING:  Alison had produced a really good poster for the Cheese & Wine and June was advertising in the local papers.   

 Dick had obtained a bar licence.

 Mike had requested a short interval so a buffet supper  would not be suitable.  It was decided to do tapas trays which we could carry out and put on the tables.  The Secretaries had made a list of food and Gwyneth offered to facilitate.  It was decided to meet on the morning of the event  to put the trays together.

ATTRACTIONS: Brian from the Pigsfoot String Band has phoned Dick and arrangements were completed.  They hoped to also do a session at the Plas and Dick had put them in touch with each other.

 Jester has phoned June and all arrangements are finalised.

 June has spoken to Roy of the Loton Park Hill Climb and they will be putting on a display.  Roy also agreed to judge the classic cars.

 The Family History Workshop was confirmed.

MD Warriors contacted June about doing a display on Show Day which was confirmed.

We still needed to contact the bungee jump etc.

The WI have asked to do a display of their activitiesA.O.B.  Elizabeth queried about the Dog Licence.  June to check with Lynne.  Elizabeth and June also to check rosettes and order what is required. Elizabeth wondered if anyone else would be able to help on the day considering Dave and Lynne’s health problems.  June suggested speaking to Angela.

 June to invite Aled to the next meeting to discuss the President’s Evening.

Date of next meeting – Monday 27th June

The meeting closed at 8.30pm