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General Meeting – 14th Nov., 2018

PRESENT: Sam Marshall – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Rick Warburton – Treasurer, Elizabeth Yorke, Derek Ward, David Shillito, Dick Row, Gwyneth Watkin.

APOLOGIES: Angela Reilly & Iwan Jones

WELCOME: Sam welcomed everyone.

MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on the 8th August, 2018 were accepted and signed.


The 100 Club still has 25 unsold numbers but apart from that has been going well. Rick is posting the winners names in the Shop, the Notice board and Next door. It is not being printed in the Newsletter but Derek will post them on the website when his new computer is up and running.

The Judges catering worked very well but it was suggested that we have a couple of people responsible for the initial setting up rather than just hoping someone came along.

The Stewards accompanying the Judges was a good idea and would be repeated next year.

The Plas had kindly provided to large platters of sandwiches.

FINANCES: The President’s Evening had once again been a great success and the committee recognised the level of work and commitment that this entailed from the Presidents Iwan and Meinir. Iwan has messaged June today re monies owing and hopefully it will be finalised imminently.

The Book Fair and the Musical Evening had raised in excess of £500 between them. The Treasurer pointed out that the Book Fair was a lot of work for little return but it was felt that it did bring in people from outside the village rather than focusing efforts just on the goodwill of villagers.

FUNDRAISING: The last fundraiser of the year is the Christmas Fair which this year is on Dec 8th. The Christmas Cake weight competition last year had not been a great success. After discussion it was decided to do a festive tombola and a quiz.Rick enquired whether we would be applying for a grant next year. All agreed that it was worth a go. Rick to make enquiries.

SHOW REVIEW:Everyone felt that the Show had been a great success. The weather had been kind and the attendance was good. The School catering had been a great success as had the kitchen tea and cakes. Both parties were willing to do it again next year. Ivor was happy to do the hot drinks which increased his takings. The new bouncy castle people were excellent and have already made contact re next year’s Show when they hope to also bring along some quad-bikes. The sports were also a great success and LCC also plan to repeat next year. The Ice Cream Man had not had such a good day but we are hopeful he will return.

A.O.B. Rick said he would be needing an Auditor for the accounts Doug Holmes who did them last year would prefer a break. Dick suggested Mike Donkin and would ask him.

The Hawk Man Paul was willing to do a talk for an evening fundraiser. June asked if Dave could contact him to ascertain what he would charge.

Names were suggested for next year’s President.

Meeting closed at 8.20pm

Next meeting is the AGM on Jan 24th, 2019