General Meeting –1st August, 2016

PRESENT:  Dick Row – Acting  Chair, June Row – Minutes, SueCombes – Treasurer, Elizabeth Yorke, Derek Ward, Gwyneth Watkin, Gwynne Owen & Rebecca Durston-Wright.

APOLOGIES:      Dave Shillito & Lynne Morley

WELCOME: Dick welcomed everyone.

MINUTES:    Minutes of the meeting held on 17th May, 2016 were read  and signed.


 The Cheese & Wine had been very successful and raised around £400.  It was felt that the tapas trays had worked very well, especially for a first try.  Everyone had enjoyed the evening and we were very grateful to Mike and his choir.

 The Pigsfoot String Band is all organised and they hope to also play at the Plas either Sunday afternoon or evening.

 The Hill Climb Club hope to bring 6 cars and will have a gazebo and marshalls there for a good display.

 June had booked the bungee jump but they had gone into liquidation a week later.  Elizabeth had obtained the Dog Licence.  The rosettes had been delivered.  Angela had agreed to help with the Dog Show.

 Posters were up for the President’s evening and tickets should be available shortly.

 The art workshops in School had been a great success and Margo has put a wonderful display in the village hall.

 Dick thanked the people who had been involved in producing the schedule and commented that he thought it looked very good.

FINANCES: Sue reported that we have a healthy bank balance for the beginning of the Show..

   There is approximately £1,400 advertisement revenue to come in.  All bills had been paid so far except the printer,

   Sue & Beck to liaise and pay.

   Dick had been notified about a new grant which is available

   but the timescale of the turnaround was too long for this time

   around.  Dick to investigate if it will still be available for next


STEWARDS:      June & Gwyneth to approach the stewards.

FUNDRAISING: The hall had been booked for another Book Fair on Thursday 6th October.  The Christmas Fair is on Saturday 10th December and the Show would do the usual bottle stall.

CATERING:        Still no progress on the catering.  Jane’s husband is ill so it

Is unlikely she will want to do it again.  June has been trying to contact Clare to ask if she could do it but without success so far.  It was decided to go ahead and do the catering for the stewards in the entrance tent with an additional gazebo. Elizabeth had drawn up a list of judges requiring lunch.

ATTRACTIONS: The Mid-Wales Model Boat Club has approached us about attending.  Richard is willing to organise the waterway. June had been approached by a bouncy castle man and had accepted the booking.

A.O.B. It was arranged to meet at 6.30pm on entries night and 0am on Saturday morning for setting up.

   The At Homes judging was to be on the Thursday.

   Sue & Elizabeth had devised a new paying out method for the prizewinners on Show day.  This entailed quite a lot of  preparatory work which Elizabeth was currently undertaking

   but should be much quicker on the day.

It was decided to do a 1 sheet programme in gold to celebrate the 50th anniversary and print 100.

Derek to speak to Tony Birch re gazebos and table covering.

Elizabeth & Beck had made good progress on the memorabilia display but needed to know the size of the display boards.  June to investigate.  Beck asked if June had any photographs available and arranged to meet to go through the archive.  Beck to speak to Margo about further decoration.

Date of next meeting – Monday 7th November

The meeting closed at 8.45pm