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General Meeting – 6th Nov., 2019

PRESENT: Sam Marshall – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Rick Warburton – Treasurer, Derek Ward, David Shillito, Dick Row, Gwyneth Watkin, Rebecca Durston Wright, Angela Reilly.

APOLOGIES: Alison Alexander

WELCOME: Sam welcomed everyone.

MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on the 31st July , 2019 were accepted and signed.

MATTERS ARISING: Most topics would be covered on the agenda.

Rick has started a Facebook page which has about 30 members at the present time. With that and the Nextdoor site and the Show website we now have a good online presence.

Alison sent a report with regard to the recycling initiative.

A discussion was held and it was generally felt that it was a good first attempt and we needed to go forward to next year with an agreed and realistic approach.

FINANCES: Rick presented his report. The President’s Evening had once again been a great success and everyone felt it had been a very enjoyable evening. Rick reported that £700 had been raised which was a great effort considering the costs of that sort of entertainment. The Book Fair had raised in excess of £250 and although hard work everyone felt it was worthwhile.

There are still quite a lot of advertising bills outstanding and Gwyneth agreed to pursue.

Mike Donkin has agreed to audit the accounts again this year.

FUNDRAISING: The last fundraiser of the year is the Christmas Fair which this year is on Dec 14th. It was agreed to do a tombola/bottle stall again.

SHOW REVIEW: Everyone felt that the Show had been a great success. The weather had been kind and the attendance was good.

There had been a few moans about the catering with only beefburgers and frankfurter sausages being available in the morning. It was agreed to speak of this if the School took on the catering again. Other than that it had been a success and the committee were content with the Show portion of the takings from the School and the kitchen caterer.

There had been a problem with people accessing the Show through the hall door in order to avoid entrance costs. The committee felt that this was very disappointing considering the low cost of entry and the variety of entertainments provided. It was agreed that we probably need someone on the hall door charging entrance. We are however already very thin on the ground and would need to do a recruitment drive for stewards. Gwyneth pointed out that we also needed to remind stewards that we all also pay entrance fee.

Rick raised about walkie talkie use which we seem to have stopped doing although they were there charged and ready. It was agreed to have a training session to remind everyone how to use them.

Gwyneth felt there had been a really good atmosphere in the Craft marquee this year and there had been a very good attendance. June reported that she received two very complimentary emails from new stallholders.

DOG SHOW: Elizabeth and Caroline have now finished as Stewards for the Dog Show and replacements would need to be found. Dawn Cochrane has intimated that she will be able to help and David also offered to help train new Stewards. Rick to put a request on Facebook and Nextdoor.

The cup situation has also been sorted and we need to now look at the classes and trophies and make some changes. It was suggested that the Novelty classes should be non-pedigree only.

A.O.B. Rebecca said that the Woodwork classes had been changed this year and were much more successful in bringing in entrants. It has been suggested that we do the same for the Floral art which is also poorly entered. Wena Morris has passed on some ideas for us to discuss.

Rick wondered if we could also review entrance fees. As it is sometime since the last review we agreed to have a look.

Meeting closed at 8.15pm

Next meeting is the AGM on Jan 23rd , 2020