General Meeting – 8th Nov., 2017

PRESENT: Dick Row – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Elizabeth Yorke, Derek Ward, Sam Marshall, Rebecca Durston-Wright, Gwynne Owen, Gwyneth Watkin, Jane Davies, Alison Alexander.

APOLOGIES: Jim & Angela Reilly, Dave Shillito & Lynne Morley, Sue Combes, Issidy Hafner & Rick Warburton.

WELCOME: Dick welcomed everyone.

MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on the 9th August, 2017 were read, accepted and signed.


Dick explained that we were still struggling to set up internet banking. June reported that she has been into the bank in Oswestry many times but the problem seems to be that the original authorising letter went astray. She has now changed the business address and spoken to the helpline so hopefully we should be up and running by next week. She went on to say that it has made it very difficult to finalise the payments from advertisers as we have no idea who has paid by BACS as two statements have also gone adrift.Elizabeth & June had met earlier and decided to email the Advertisers next week to try and remedy the situation.

June pointed out that the bank mandate we are working on is very out of date and needs replacing at the AGM.

Dick was pleased to inform everyone that Rick Warburton has offered to help with the accounts. June to meet him in the next few weeks to explain the ins and outs.

As we understand that Doug Holmes wishes to have a rest from auditing the accounts Mike Donkin has agreed to do the audit.

FINANCES: June reported that although the accounts were still pretty unclear because of missing documents she has had the latest statement which shows a healthy balance of £13,472.81 compared to £11,233.99 at the AGM. All bills have been paid.

She went on to say that the President’s Evening had been a great success and raised over £800. Dick said that we have thanked Jason and Sarah for their hard work.

June reported that the two Book Fairs and the two Cheese & Wine evenings had raised over £1000.

Dick also pointed out that we have saved some books which hopefully we will sell on ebay for higher sums.

FUNDRAISING: The last fundraiser of the year is the Christmas Fair which this year is on Dec 9th. June explained that last year the Bottle Stall had only raised around £45 when we probably had around £80 worth of bottles. She felt that we should do something else this year. After discussions it was decided to make a Christmas Cake and do a ‘Guess the Weight’ competition. June volunteered to make the cake, Elizabeth & Rebecca to decorate. Gwyneth gave a donation towards ingredients.

Alison offered to do a poster for the Christmas Fair and Rebecca agreed to distribute them.

June reported that we hadn’t been selected to do an End of Grant report this time which saved quite a bit of work.

Dick explained that the system has been updated and the amount available now was £10,000 but we still had to have an element of additionality.

SHOW REVIEW:Despite a few organisational problems prior to Show Day everyone felt that we had a very successful Show. June and Nick the Jester had managed to put together a revised programme as one main attraction had dropped out at the last minute. Dick said he felt that the programme had been very balanced and flowed throughout the day and Jester had worked very hard to pull it all together. Unfortunately the Bouncy Castle also didn’t turn up but the Ice Cream man did and hopes to return next year. The Boat Club was a great success and thanks were given to Richard Ellis for transporting and organising the waterway. Clare had done a great job again with the catering but would be finishing this year. A few people have expressed an interest in taking it on.

Gwyneth asked if we could put ‘no dogs allowed’ signs outside the craft tent next year as there had been some issues this year.

Alison reported some complaints with regards to the Dog Show with people being disappointed when they arrived late for their classes. June reminded everyone that we had problems with the PA system which wouldn’t have helped. She pointed out that we needed to have the generator serviced prior to the Show. Elizabeth said that a few people had commented about the low entry fee. It was agreed to look at it next year. Gwynne asked if the entries had been down this year. They were lower and it was felt that this was due to a new Dog Show being started on the same day in Llansilin.

Rebecca pointed out that Christine had struggled doing the food for the stewards and should have more help and a water container next year. June felt this was an oversight as she thought we had a water container previously. She also pointed out that the situation was exasperated by having to also include the Judges when the Plas asked us to host them on the field.

A.O.B. June asked Derek whether he had been able to send the BFG clip to Ellen who had requested a copy after he had taken it down to put this year’s pictures on. He had sent it to her.

Sam asked if we had any new people involved following the questionnaire distributed at the Show. We pointed out that Jane Davies was here at the meeting and we had apologies from Angela & Jim Reilly who were unavailable to attend this meeting. We may have to consider a different meeting day to avoid clashing with bowls.

Meeting closed at 8.10pm

Next meeting is the AGM on Jan 10th, 2018