General Meeting – 9th March, 2015

PRESENT:  David Shillito – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Lynne Morley, Elizabeth Yorke, Margo Jolley, Derek Ward,       Gwyneth Watkin,  Meirion Davies- Jones, Rebecca Durston-Wright

APOLOGIES:     Dick Row & Tony Birch

WELCOME: Dave welcomed everyone and especially Margo who was joining us for the first time.

MINUTES:  Minutes of the meeting held on 13th Jan, 2015 were read and signed.


The Book Fair had been a success and we had raised £230.

Everything for the Cheese & Wine was organised with Kate of Attingham Park as the speaker on the 28th March.

Posters are up and tickets are ready.  Elizabeth had contacted the cheese factory and Dick was going to purchase Brie and wine in France.

PRESIDENT: Brian Ellis has agreed to be the President for 2015

JUDGES:  All the judges have been contacted and several had said  they were delighted to be returning.

Thanks to Elizabeth for doing the ringing round.

SCHEDULE:   The secretaries had made several changes to the schedule to take out any classes not entered and add more popular categories. The At Home has also been increased with a  vegetable patch now included.  June has highlighted these

changes in the March press release. Elizabeth has taken on the task of re-numbering the classes. Margo wondered if we could be more involved with the  village school with regards to the art & craft. The school already participate by setting some of the classes but Margo would like to be more hands on and do a workshop.  Margo to pursue.  

Helen Renwick is also going in to school to involve the children in the planning for the improvements to the village playground. She has also asked for this work to be included in the Show.

Margo had other ideas for the crafts which were much appreciated by the secretaries.


All the repeat performers have been contacted and secured.

A contact has been made with a band in Shrewsbury but unfortunately they were booked for that date. They did offer

however to see if they could find someone else for us.

A model club has been booked. A family history and a card workshop have both been booked. Dick had spoken to CADW & CPAT who were both hoping to attend.

We have had little success with historic artisans as the Bank Holiday means they are mostly booked already.

Margo offered to try and organise some archery. She also wondered if we were going to do anything around the anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta.

A.O.B.  The marquee people had contacted June and are sending a quote. They asked specifically if the marquee was being used for a fundraiser on the Friday night. It was decided that if the costs were significantly raised because of the fundraiser it would make it financially unsustainable.

Dick has submitted another grant application this time to the Sainsbury bag fund.

Gwyneth asked if we would like her to continue as the VH representative. All agreed.

Elizabeth has had confirmation of sponsorship from Lanyon Bowdler.

The Show badges were done and very attractive with the purple centres.

June thanked Derek for continually adding items to the website.

A secretaries meeting was organised for 26th March.

Date of next meeting – Monday 27th April