General Meeting – 9th Nov, 2015

PRESENT:  David Shillito – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Sue Combes –Treasurer, Dick Row, Elizabeth Yorke,                   Lynne Morley,Gill Marshall, Rebecca Durston-Wright, Issidy Hafner, Alan Mead, Brian Ellis,                    Gwyneth Watkin..

APOLOGIES:    Gwynne Owen and Derek Ward.

WELCOME: Dave welcomed everyone and said it was lovely to see so many people.

MINUTES:   Minutes of the meeting held on 20th July, 2015 were read and signed.

MATTERS ARISING: The catering arrangements in the hall had not been a great success as there had been logistical problems around volunteers feeding the stewards and getting in the way of Jane who had taken on the other catering. We will consider whether it is feasible for the committee to do it next year, particularly as it is normally a source of income.  Gill to look into.

We had accumulated quite a number of unused rosettes which Elizabeth has ironed and bagged.  We will count up what we need to order for next year and hopefully keep costs down.  June pointed out that the fancy dress winners had asked for rosettes and we also had a bag of sweets for them to dip into which seemed far more appropriate than the money prizes.  She suggested that we perhaps should do this instead and again reduce costs a little at the same time.

Lynne pointed out that there were no entries in the Pet Show for the second year running and suggested that we should remove it from the schedule.

FINANCES: Although we had a wet start to the day fortunately it stopped in time for the beginning of the Show.  This meant that income was up on the previous year. The small fundraisers over the year had raised over a £1,000 and the President’s evening had raised over £600.  June reported that Aled hopes to do a similar event next year which will give us a great boost to the funds.  Dick thanked Brian, this year’s President, for his hard work alongside Aled & Iwan in putting on such a successful event.

There is still some advert money outstanding and Gwyneth offered to help collect this in.

Everything combined had left the finances in a healthy position for next year’s Show.


REPORT FROM THIS YEAR’S SHOW: Although we felt many aspects of the Show had been very successful it was a shame that so many of the sideshows had let us down at the last minute.  Some had contacted us with a valid reason but many didn’t bother.  However the new addition of the bungee trampoline had been a great  success and hopefully they would return next year perhaps with a climbing wall as well.

Dave had details of another bird display and it was agreed to see if they were available for next year.  Sue also had a contact if that one didn’t work out.

The workshops were a great success and some have asked to return next year.

Margo’s work with the children and help with the displays were really appreciated and we hoped she would help again next year.

We all agreed on what an asset Jester and his team are and also the Animal Man.  Brian commented on our difference to the larger agricultural shows and felt that we should really advertise that our show is very child and family orientated.  

He went on to say how much there was for the children to do and that the day was great value for money.

Elizabeth commented on the Dog Show judge and how encouraging she was particularly with the children.


PLANS FOR NEXT YEAR’S SHOW: Next year is our 50th anniversary.  Elizabeth suggested we have gold as our year’s colour.  All agreed.

Jester and Animal Man have been pre-booked and Kaleidoscope will be returning.

Dick & June had a band in mind and would contact them to check availability.

We discussed sourcing new sideshows and we will research and report back at the AGM in January.  Gill to forward a link

on human table football to Dick.

Gwyneth said that some people have asked for the largest rhubarb leaf as another fun competition.

FUNDRAISING: Our next fundraiser is the Christmas Fair which is on Sat 12th December and we will have our usual bottle stall. A request was made for bottles.

The first event of the new year will be the book day on World Book Day which falls on Thursday 3rd March.

Beck commented that it had been much easier using the hall for the last one.  June said it all depends on costs and she would speak to Ron.

Cheese & Wine events were discussed and Mike is willing to return for another musical evening. Ideas to be brought to the AGM.

A.O.B:  June spoke of the memorabilia file done for the 40th anniversary and wondered if we could have a workshop to update and produce something for the 50th.  She also suggested some sort of display of old photographs for the Show.  All in agreement.

Dave wondered if we wanted a Christmas meal.  It was felt that it was a little late to organise and perhaps we could do something in the new year.

Gill suggested that we do something special, perhaps via the newsletter, to promote the anniversary and encourage people to participate.  If we wanted to do it before the AGM it would need to be done at the end of December.

Date of next meeting which is the AGM is the 11th January, 2016.

The meeting closed at 8.35pm