General Meeting – 10th Jan, 2018


Sam as incoming Chair introduced himself and gave a short profile. He said that he wants to focus particularly on Community and encouraging young people to be involved as they are the future.


MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 8th Nov, 2017 were read and signed.


The internet banking was now up and running.

Rick explained that he hadn’t been aware that we had asked Mike Donkin to do the audit and as time was so short had asked Doug . He pointed out that Doug was not unwilling but just felt it was good practice to move the auditing around.

June reported that Mike had been fine about it.

Sam asked how the guess the weight of the cake had gone at the Christmas Fair. June pointed out that because of the snow the attendance had been low but we still made £28 with Paul Jones as the winner.

Sam asked about the low entry fee. Elizabeth reminded everyone that this was the Dog Show and it was decided that the Secretaries would discuss at their meeting.

PRESIDENT: Nominations were sought for President by the next meeting.

JUDGES: Any suggestions to be given to the Secretaries.

FUNDRAISING: June reported that the next Book Day would be on World Book Day which this year is Thursday March 1st.

Rick proposed a 100 Club and it was agreed that he should look into it.

Suggestions for other fundraisers to be brought to the next meeting.

A.O.B. Helen and Ruth proposed that the school do some of the catering for the Show as a fundraiser. The Committee were in favour in principal as it would be nice to keep the money in the village economy. Rick pointed out that we would need a percentage for the Show and this was agreed. It was decided that they pursue the idea and let the Secretaries know as soon as possible.We already have an interest expressed for the tea & cake in the Hall.

Date of next committee meeting – Thursday 22nd March.

Date of Secretary’s meeting – June to email

The meeting closed at 8.45pm