General Meeting – 11th Jan, 2017

PRESENT:  Dick Row – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Sue Combes – Treasurer, Rebecca Durston-Wright, Derek Ward and Gwyneth Watkin.

APOLOGIES:  Gwynne Owen, Doug & Maggie Holmes, Lynne Morley, David Shillito, Elizabeth Yorke, Alison Alexander, Rev’d Emma and Peter Brooks

MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 7th Nov., 2016 were read and signed.


   The First Aid cover had already been discussed and the next step would be to contact the Insurance co and check what  sort of cover would be needed.  It was felt that someone from the village with the appropriate qualifications should be adequate for our needs.  Secretaries to pursue.

   A date for a Show get together had not been found so the AGM had remained as planned previously.

   Dick commented that he hoped Clare would be available for the catering again this year as it had been such a success.

PRESIDENT: A shortlist was drawn up.  Dick to follow up.

JUDGES:  June reported the sad death of Trudie Annetts.  She had sent Mervyn a card with our condolences.

   Secretaries to draw up a list of Judges at their Secretaries Meeting.

FUNDRAISING: June reported that the next Book Day would be on World Book Day which this year is Thursday March 2nd.

  Cheese & Wines were discussed and June to pursue a date with Mike Donkin for another musical evening and also a speaker    from a local garden which was always popular.

   Dick would research available grants to apply for this year.

ATTRACTIONS: Jester and Animal Man had already been provisionally booked, June to contact to confirm.  Kaleidoscope   may  return again this year and June will contact them.  Several bands were discussed, June to check availability.

A.O.B.  Gwyneth mentioned that there had been some confusion in the floral art judging about height restrictions and wondered whether something should be said to this year’s judge. June suggested a note in the schedule.  All agreed.

   Gwyneth asked whether stall holders needed their own Insurance or were they covered under the Show’s Insurance.

   Dick pointed out that all large attractions have to have their own Insurance and that most of the craft stalls were also insured.    He would check about the others.

   June asked how the committee felt we could attract new members as an appeal in the newsletter for this meeting had obviously not worked.  It was decided to have an  informal meeting with food to discuss the planning of the Show.  This meeting to take place before the next formal meeting.  Meeting to be advertised in the next newsletter and Derek to promote on the websites.

Date of open meeting – Thursday 23rd March.

Date of next committee meeting –  Monday 3rd April.

Date of Secretary’s meeting – Thursday 26th January.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm