General Meeting – 11th Jan, 2016



MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 9th Nov., 2015 were read and signed.

MATTERS ARISING: June has contacted Kaleidoscope by letter to inform them of the date of this year’s Show. She hadn’t contacted Jester yet. He had offered to come over to a committee meeting but it was felt that we would have enough performances with Kaleidoscope attending this year and that we could not really afford £50 expenses at this point in time.

Dick had tried to phone the Owl Sanctuary without any luck so an email had been sent.

Gill had not been in touch re human table football.

Dave wondered if we did want to have a Show meal. Sue to pursue.

PRESIDENT: Several people had submitted suggestions for this year’s President. June reminded people that we now needed the proposed candidate to be able to help organise the President’s Evening which would go a long way to ensure sustainabilty of the Show. A shortlist was drawn up.

JUDGES: Derek reported that Mervyn was willing to judge the Woodcraft again and his wife Trudi was also available for the Preserves. Secretaries to follow up..

FUNDRAISING: June had booked the hall for the next book sale which was to be held on World Book Day which is March 3rd. Rebecca pointed out that it had been much easier using the main hall at the last one but June said that this would depend on cost.

Cheese & Wines were discussed and June to pursue a date with Mike Donkin for another musical evening and then John Rimington for his presentation ‘My life with the Stars’.

A.O.B. Elizabeth suggested that we use plastic cloths for the Cookery tables in the future to make moving things around easier. All agreed.

Alison said that she had attended the meeting to see how she could help despite having a young baby. She offered computer skills which we all appreciated.

We all hoped that Margo would help again this year as she had been such an asset last year. June to contact her and invite her to help draw up the schedule. Beck to also contact Alison.

Dave to contact Nita to see if she was willing to produce the Schedule again this year.

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 15th March (changed because of a clash of dates)

Date of Secretary’s meeting – Tuesday 26th January

The meeting closed at 8.50pm