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General Meeting – 12th June, 2019

PRESENT: Sam Marshall – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Derek Ward, Rebecca Durston-Wright, Dick Row, Angela Reilly, Alison Alexander, Gwyneth Watkin, Helen Renwick, Phil Williams.

APOLOGIES: Dave Shillito, Elizabeth Yorke.

WELCOME: Sam welcomed everyone.

MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 20th March were accepted and signed.


June pointed out that we had mentioned putting a 100 Club Promotion in the Schedule and we hadn’t done it. Gwyneth said there would still be time and space to include.

Sam welcomed this year’s President, Phil Williams, to the meeting and everyone expressed how pleased they were that he had taken the role on.

Phil is looking into organising a ceilidh. Dick has spoken to the marquee provider about a floor and Sam to meet with Phil to discuss the other arrangements.

Opening a Facebook page was discussed at the previous meeting. Everyone thought this was a good idea. Rick to pursue.

Dick hasn’t spoken to Wayne about the servicing of the generator but will in the near future.

Sam has yet to speak to Iwan about the electrics but will see him soon and also find out whether we can borrow a heater for the marquee for the President’s Evening as it was much appreciated at last year’s event.

FINANCES: Rick reported that there was very little activity on the account at the moment so the balance was much the same as at the last meeting. All outstanding accounts from advertisers have been settled and Rick and Gwyneth have sent out all this year’s invoices. Rick has opened a new email account Llanfechainshowtreasurer@gmail.com to handle Show enquiries.

June asked whether the problems with the bank have settled down after Dick’s completion of the security checks required which hadn’t been as straight forward as they should have been. All seems well at the moment but Rick would check prior to the Show.

The Evening with Paul Melton had been a great success and everyone who attended was full of praise for the speaker and the organising committee. Thanks must go to all those who provided the refreshments. The event raised £275.

Sam has contacted the Insurers and there will be 3% increase on last year but they would include the days prior and after at no extra charge. Sam to forward to Rick for payment.

Dick has completed a grant application to AW4AW on our behalf. It was a different format now so he has no idea of how successful he may be but has done the best he could. Sam thanked him on behalf of the committee and Rick also said he thought he’d done very well.

SCHEDULE: The only thing needed before printing was the names of the Vehicle Judges which Gwyneth hopes to complete this week.

ATTRACTIONS:.The band “The Art Blank Combo” who play reggae jazz are to return to the Show this year featuring Jamie Brownfield on trumpet and Pete Beresford on keyboard.

June has spoken to Nick the Jester about other acts. Simon Airey, Animal Man, is booked and he will investigate one other act for the remaining time available. Nick has a new member in his team for their Show.

Bec to check whether the donkeys are coming. They have their own insurance.

The bouncy castle people will be returning and hope to also bring along quad bikes.

Another contact via Stallfinder was bringing hook a duck etc. and one attraction for us to run which Helen thought the School could manage.

WEBSITE: June has been looking at the progress of the rebuilding of the village website and wondered if there would be a link to our site. Sam reported that he was sure there would be.

June pointed out how many contacts came through the Website and that it is particularly useful that the messages come straight to her for dealing with, facilitating a quick response. Dick pointed out that a lot of work is involved at this time of the year keeping the website up to date and thanked Derek for his hard work and commitment.

June pointed out that a lot of enquiries for stalls came via the Stallholder site and that the Where Can We Go site was also a good promotion. Everyone felt that a Facebook account would enhance this internet presence.

A.O.B. Helen reported that the School were progressing well with their plans to provide the food on the field but needed either a small marquee or a couple of gazebos for cover as the one they had borrowed last year was no longer available.

Alison spoke about our plans for recycling and it was decided to provide 3 bins for plastic & cans and 3 for general waste. Helen to provide labels for the bins.

Alison wondered whether Ivor would be providing teas and coffees this year and whether he would consider using recyclable cups. June to contact him.

Date of next meeting – Wednesday 31st July.

The meeting closed at 8.35pm