General Meeting – 13th Jan, 2015



MINUTES:  Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd Nov., 2014 were read and    signed.


The stall at the Christmas Fair had raised £84.50.  June pointed out that it had been more difficult to sell all the tickets this time and perhaps we needed to have more  ‘good’ bottles.  We all agreed however that the amount  raised was very good.

June had spoken to the Ellis family who had donated the open cookery cup which badly needed re-silvering. They had agreed to provide a new cup for the 2015 Show.

June had been twice to try and collect the cups from the trophy shop without success.  Gwyneth offered to call in when she was next in Welshpool.

PRESIDENT: Names were discussed and June agreed to approach the proposed candidate.

JUDGES:  It was suggested that if anyone had any names of judges to pass them on to the secretaries.

FUNDRAISING: June had booked the hall for the next book sale which was to be held on World Book Day which is March 5th.

Another suggestion was the Big Breakfast sometime in  March.  

The Cheese & Wine this year would have to be earlier as June & Dick are away in May.  June to approach  Kate from Attingham as speaker.

Sue was keen to start a film club.

CLIP ART  Discussions were held with regard to paying towards the Clip Art programme for Nita to work with.  A vote was taken to establish who was in support of payment.  There was no support.

A.O.B.  A Village Hall survey form had been received.  Anyone  Interested in attending or putting on classes to inform the Chair.

A date was set for a secretaries meeting, Thurs 22nd Jan 10.30am at Junes.

Date of next meeting – Monday 9th March

The meeting closed at 8.45pm