General Meeting – 19th June, 2017

PRESENT: Dick Row – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Elizabeth Yorke, Derek Ward, Gwyneth Watkin, Rebecca Durston-Wright, David Shillito, Sam Marshall.

APOLOGIES: Lynne Morley, Rev’d Emma Rees.

WELCOME: Dick welcomed everyone.

MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd April, 2017 were read and signed.


These would be covered in each topic on the agenda.

FINANCES: There were still no takers for the Treasurer job. June has paid into the bank any cheques but still needs to go to Oswestry to pay in cash. Dick has sent in a grant application but as ever there is no guarantee of success. We were a little late with the submission so will probably not be able to resubmit if unsuccessful. We do have enough in the bank to cover this year’s Show however.

JUDGES: All the judges have confirmed.

SCHEDULE: Beck reported that the contacting of advertisers was going well and she would be in contact with Nita shortly to begin the compilation of the Schedule.

FUNDRAISING: There had been a poor attendance at the Cheese & Wine but it was a very good evening. Profits were around £180. June commented that the expenses included £50 for the speaker and £21 for the license.

Jason and Sarah were hoping to put on a good fundraiser on President’s evening.

There are two fundraisers already planned for after the Show.

ATTRACTIONS: The dance group that June had contacted has not replied.

June to contact Jester to co-ordinate the programme.

Hadley & District car club are attending again.

Dick to ring the Model Boat Club.

The Hawk Man has confirmed.

A.O.B. Dick had contacted the main caterers and they were coming again.

June has yet to ring Clare.

Gwyneth reminded us to contact Newmoor for table covering.

Elizabeth spoke of the Insurance and the Dog Licence.

June to organise cheque signing.

Elizabeth to write to Llanfechain Community Council for support.

June has contacted Dawn re badges and rosettes but would follow up.

June has contacted the Valley Arts Crafts group.

Beck to speak to Nita and Allison re posters.

June to circulate minutes by email.

Date of next meeting – Wednesday 9th August

The meeting closed at 8.00pm