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General Meeting – 20th March, 2019

PRESENT: Sam Marshall – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Rebecca Durston-Wright, David Shilitto, Dick Row, Angela Reilly.

APOLOGIES: Rick Warburton, Alison Alexander, Jane Davies, Gwyneth Watkin.

WELCOME: Sam welcomed everyone to the meeting.

MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 10th Jan, 2018 were agreed and signed.


The Book Fair had been a great success and raised the most yet at over £385.

June has spoken to Dawn re membership badges and we will return to using pins this year. Dawn was looking for a judge for the Dog Show for us.

Dick asked if all the catering had been confirmed and June reported that all was in place.

All but two of the Judges are finalised.

FINANCES: Rick sent a report of finances received since the last meeting with the takings of the Book Fair and the outstanding monies from advertisers of £110 that Gwyneth has collected.

The 100 club winners are now being included in the newsletter and the 3rd prize winner this month had re-donated the prize to the Show.

A discussion was held re the selling of tickets for next year and having a form to give to entrants. Angela offered to share the Bowling Club Form to help produce one. Sam asked if the 100 Club was advertised in the Schedule and everyone agreed it was a good idea to include.

PRESIDENT: Dick & June have approached candidates for Show President and are waiting for a reply.

SCHEDULE: The Secretaries have completed the Schedule and are just waiting to test one recipe before sending the remaining classes to Nita for including. Bec is co-ordinating with Nita and the intention is to be ready for printing by the end of June. Gwyneth is doing very well with obtaining this year’s advertisers. The colour chosen for this year is green and 400 will be printed.

FUNDRAISING: The next event is the evening with Paul the Falconer. June to speak to Paul  re advertising. Dick suggested that we include something on Facebook as well as the usual forums.

Suggestions for another fundraiser in the autumn were discussed and ideas will be finalised at the next meeting.

Another Book Fair will be held in October and the idea of moving to a Saturday were muted.

Dick is going to look into a grant application and familiarise himself with the new format.

ATTRACTIONS:June has messaged Nick the Jester about another attraction in Kaleidoscope’s spot as they will not be coming this year. She hasn’t received a reply as yet.

Bands were discussed. June to approach.

A.O.B. Dick suggested that we ask Wayne to service the generator again this year. Dick to follow up.

We need to formally ask Iwan to provide the electrics for the Show now he no long lives in the village. He still however has close connections to the village. Sam to follow up.

Date of next meeting – Wednesday 12th June

Date of next Secretaries meeting Thursday 9th May

The meeting closed at 8.10pm