General Meeting – 20th July, 2015

PRESENT:  Dick Row – Vice Chair, June Row – Minutes, Elizabeth Yorke, Derek Ward

APOLOGIES:     David Shillito, Lynne Morley, Rebecca Durston-Wright, Sue Combes

WELCOME: Dick welcomed everyone and commented on the poor attendance.

MINUTES:           Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd June, 2015 were read and signed.


 The Insurance certificate has arrived, Elizabeth to print and display on Show day.  

   Margo has completed her art project with school and taken some photographs of the work and the children.

  The schedule is now out.  June had helped Nita to complete with Gwyneth being in hospital.  Sue has taken on the job of

   sending out the invoices to advertisers.

 June reported the very sad news that Dave Griffiths has died. A replacement bouncy castle provider has been found but no sweet    van.

FINANCES: The Car Boot had been quite poorly attended and only June and Elizabeth were available for the catering.  A lot of breakfasts were cooked and £125 was raised towards funds.


STEWARDS: June has taken over the contacting of stewards from Gwyneth and is struggling a little with people not responding

  to messages.  She will persevere.

CATERING: The hog roast man who stood in for Tony last year has been asked to do the other catering as well as the hog roast.  June has spoken to Gwyneth who is still in hospital and decided that as she will not be well enough to lead the catering team we would out source this year.  June has spoken to Jane who does the funeral teas who has agreed. June is going to speak to some volunteers to provide lunch for the volunteers working on the field.


It was agreed to meet as usual at 10 am on the Saturday morning to start setting up.  

June pointed out that with the President’s Evening on the Saturday hopefully we would have more younger people around to lift   tables.  Aled hoped that the tickets for the evening would be available this week.  June has already had some enquiries.

A.O.B:  Derek reported that he has more or less completed up-dating the website for this year.  The schedule is now available on line and he has included you-tube clips of the Art Blank combo.  Elizabeth asked if he could add the cooking times missed off one of the given recipes to which he agreed.

Elizabeth reported that two judges have now said they won’t be able to attend.  One has already been replaced and the other is pending.  She asked if the dog licence has been obtained.  June thought so but would check.

Dick reported that we have now ordered the two new signs for siting at either end of the village which were included in the grant. They should be ready this week.

June has e-mailed School and the Friends of the School to see if they would be willing to run the sports as the committee are too thin on the ground to take this on.  She as had no response.  Since then however Sophie Griffiths has volunteered to try and put a group together.

Elizabeth asked if the rosettes have been ordered.  June to check.

A bungee trampoline and an ice cream man have been in contact via the website and both are attending

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – As the last two meetings have been so poorly attended it was decided not to have another meeting before the Show and any problems to be sorted out by the Secretaries.

The meeting closed at 8.05pm