General Meeting – 22nd June, 2015

PRESENT:  David Shillito – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Sue Combes – Treasurer, Elizabeth Yorke,  Rebecca Durston-Wright,

                     Dick Row

APOLOGIES:     Gwynne Owen,  Derek Ward & Lynne Morley

WELCOME: Dave welcomed everyone.

MINUTES:           Minutes of the meeting held on 27th April, 2015 were read and signed.


The Insurance form has been completed and Elizabeth  requested a cheque to send it off.  The cost remains the same as last year.

June now has the art & craft classes from school and Margo has successfully completed the workshops.  The secretaries now  need to complete the section.  It was agreed to meet  tomorrow morning.

The replacement cup has been received and the Lloyd family had decided not to include the fruit cake reference in case we needed to move the cup on at a later date.  June has thanked the family.

June has spoken to Ian & Elaine at the Plas and they are willing to provide the judges lunches.

SCHEDULE:       As neither Gwyneth or Nita attended the meeting there was    no report available on the progress of the schedule.

FUNDRAISING: The Cheese & Wine was a great success and the final figure raised was £350 with all expenses paid.   

Dick has had success with his final grant application being awarded £4,980 from AWW. He was congratulated on his success.

Arrangements were made for the next fundraiser which is the Car Boot on the 11th July.


FINANCES: Sue reported that we now have a healthy bank balance    having raised over £800 with our fundraising this year.

She had experienced a bit of a trauma today with the bank it being very difficult to speak to anyone about any concerns, she therefore asked if she could go over to internet banking. All in agreement. Dick requested that Sue advise him when the grant cheque is paid in.

ATTRACTIONS: Tom is unable to attend with Organ Rosie as his wife is seriously ill.  

June has finalised arrangements with the band and was delighted to report that Pete Beresford has agreed to play and will be  bringing along the renowned local trumpeter Jamie Brownfield.

CATERING: June has spoken to Tony the Hog roast man and he is still not well enough to attend although making good    progress.

Unfortunately June has also received a message from Ivor the doughnut man to report that Dave the other main  caterer is  seriously ill.  Dave also supplies the sweet van  and the bouncy castle.  Various providers were discussed,

June to follow up.

Queries were also made with regards to the catering normally provided by the Show committee as we would be two people    short this year.  June to speak to Gwyneth.

A.O.B.  People were wondering when the next Book Sale was and it was decided it will be in October as normal.

June asked about the dog licence, Dave to pursue.

Date of next meeting – Monday 20th July

Date of next Secretaries meeting – 23rd June

The meeting closed at 8.30pm