General Meeting – 27th April, 2015

PRESENT:  David Shillito – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Sue Combes – Treasurer, Lynne Morley, Elizabeth Yorke, Derek Ward, Gwyneth Watkin, Issidy Hafner, Rebecca Durston-Wright, Ann Roberts, Dick Row.

APOLOGIES:     Gwynne Owen

WELCOME: Dave welcomed everyone.

MINUTES:           Minutes of the meeting held on 9th March, 2015 were read and signed.

MATTERS ARISING: The Cheese & Wine had raised £283 and everyone agreed Kate had been a very good speaker.

SCHEDULE:       Elizabeth & June had finished making the alterations to the schedule and forwarded it to Nita. The only remaining part is the children’s art & craft. June has been into school and spoken to Sara and should have the categories very soon. Margo had not been into school about the workshop. June to contact Margo. Ann reported that the playground project was not really taking off. June to speak to Helen. Gwyneth has made some progress with advertisers and will concentrate on this over the next few weeks.

FUNDRAISING:  Another Cheese & Wine had been organised for Saturday13th June with Mike Donkin organising a group to sing Madrigals. Although Gloria Ellis had originally agreed to sing unfortunately she was already committed to adjudicating at the Eisteddfod so was unable to make the date. She agreed to do something later in the year. Mike would prefer us to stick to the usual format with entertainment first and food after. Gwyneth to organise the food list for the 13th.

It was decided to hold a Carboot on the 11th July. June to book the kitchen.

Dick had not been successful with either of his two grant applications and has submitted another and final application. As ever there are no guarantees.

ATTRACTIONS: Harry from Close Encounters has contacted us to say that  Oswestry Archery Club will be coming this year.

Margo has organised a cord & braid making workshop. It was felt that a leaflet on the gates with details of all the workshops would be a useful addition. June has still to organise a band and will concentrate on it when she returns from holiday. She will also send out booking forms to the Vyrnwy Craft Group. We had not received a quote from the marquee people and  would likewise contact them on our return.


A.O.B.  Elizabeth had not yet received the insurance documents but would  organise soon. June has now received the replacement cookery cup from the Ellis family and returned the old one. The Lloyd family were also organising a replacement cup for the best rich fruit cake. The committee are very grateful to the families for their  support. It was decided to look at other old cups this year to assess their condition. The new tenants of the pub are now in residence and it is soon to open. June offered to speak to Ian and Elaine to put them in the picture with regards to Show day. She also volunteered to speak to Hermione to see if the Church

 intended participating this year.

Date of next meeting – Monday 22nd June

Date of next Secretaries meeting – 4th June

The meeting closed at 8.30pm