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General Meeting – 31st July, 2019

PRESENT: Sam Marshall – Chair, June Row – Minutes, Rick Warburton – Treasurer, Rebecca Durston-Wright, Derek Ward, Dick Row, Dave Shillito, Gwyneth Watkin, Phil Williams.

APOLOGIES Angela Reilly, Alison Alexander.

WELCOME: Sam welcomed everyone.

MINUTES: Minutes of the meeting held on 12th June, 2019 were accepted and signed.


Sam has spoken with Iwan and he is willing to do the Electric installation as normal.

Rick has opened a Facebook page for the Show and it also advertised on the Next Door site.

Dick has been successful with the grant application and everyone congratulated him.

FINANCES: Rick has received the grant cheque and banked it. He suggested that we open a deposit account that will hopefully earn a little interest. Everyone felt that now we have the grant money behind us this was a good idea.

The final 100 club draw has been made and the overall profit was £363. Rick is now contacting people with regards to numbers for this year’s draw and has renewed the licence.

STEWARDS: It was decided to have another secretaries meeting to work on organising stewards for the Show. A date of Thursday 8th August at 10am was fixed.

CUPS: Elizabeth had contacted June to say there was a problem with three dog cups given by Dylan Thomas. Following on from a discussion it was decided to wait and see what happens on Show day and respond accordingly.

FUNDRAISING: The President’s Evening planning is going well and tickets are now available. Phil asked if Dick could check with the marquee suppliers about the floor. He also requested raffle prizes. June reminded everyone that we needed a licence from Powys CC. Sam to follow up. Phil is providing the food and the WI are decorating the marquee.

The next Book Fair was discussed and it was agreed to hold

It on National Poetry Day on the 3rd October this being the 25th anniversary of this event. June thought it might be nice to also have some poetry readings. June to pursue.

CATERING: All the catering is organised and the School have forwarded their Insurance document. They have also organised a gazebo for shelter.

Gwyneth has asked if they can serve drinks from the back of the kitchen in the morning. There were no objections.

June has messaged Ivor re hot drinks.

The Plas have decided to do pizzas on Show day and will also provide sandwiches for the Judges. The Committee to provide cake.

ATTRACTIONS: The band have confirmed and have organised a PA.

June has spoken to Nick the Jester re other acts.

Sam asked about the donkeys. Rebecca to follow up.

Paul Melton has requested 20 minutes on the stage as well as setting up his usual stand. June to facilitate.

The stall bookings were coming in well. Sam asked if we would have space available for a Four by Four Charity.


It was agreed to meet as usual at 10am on Saturday morning. June asked if there could be more people early morning on Show day to do the last minute setting up.

A.O.B. June reminded everyone that we would all need to be there on the Wednesday Evening for Entries Night.

Sam spoke about the recycling. It was agreed to provide bins, 4 for recycling and 4 for rubbish. June has asked Richard to bring the trailer. Bec has spoken to Roxanne involving her in the initiative. Helen is to provide labels for the bins.

Putting the banners up around the area was organised.

Dick has updated the Risk Assessment.

Gwyneth asked when the Membership Badges would be available. June is collecting later this week.

The Security still needs to be organised. Dick to organise.

Date of next meeting Nov 6th

The meeting closed at 8.40pm