Llanfechain Horticultural Show & Sports Society




Richard Warburton (the Show Treasurer) is the promotor for the Llanfechain Horticultural Show and Sports Society 100 club. 100 participants will subscribe £12 a year in a single yearly subscription or two £6 six monthly subscriptions. Of the £1200 per annum raised £600 will be given out in prizes as detailed below.


Please direct correspondence to

Richard Warburton, 6 Mount View, Llanfechain. SY22 6XJ Tel. 01691 828869, 07774 983653


Each month 3 numbers will be drawn in public (usually at the village quiz) but the first being drawn at the 2018 Show. The prizes will be as follows:

1st £25, 2nd £15 and 3rd £10.


* The competition will be restricted to 100 members and will run from the 2018 show until the July before the 2019 show.

* Subscriptions will be £12 per year, made in a single yearly payment of £12 or two 6 monthly payment of £6. This payment will be made in advance of the first draw.

* Each member will be allocated a number from 1 to 100. This number cannot be changed or transferred during the competition.

* All members are welcome to attend the draw (usually done at the village quiz night).

* Winners will be notified by post.

* In the case of a dispute the Promotor’s decision will be final

* In accordance with the Lotteries and Gaming Act 1976 the 100 club has been registered with Powys Council County.